Spring 2012 Teams

Teams Registered to Date:
1. Planked and Tanked
Sponsored by Narragansett Beer

2. Wet Bandits (Formerly Recreational Hazard)
Sponsored by Pruitt Chiropractic and the Mey Brothers

3. Ball Busters
Sponsored by Anthony’s Seafood

4. Team Shred: Fall Edition

5. Something In Appropriate
Sponsored by Aquidneck Pizza and Tickets Bar and Grille

6. Kickelodeon
Sponsored by: Easton’s Point Pub

7. Kicking It In
Sponsored by Cafe Zeldas, Griswolds and Aw Shucks


9. Swift Kick In the Grass
Sponsored by: Hogan and Associates and Luxe

10. 5th Ward Force
Sponsored by 5th Ward Liquor

11. Purple Reign
Sponsored by AdamWaz and Newport Chiropractic