6th Season Starting Details

This season we will be playing at Morton Park on 8/26 and 9/9 and at Toppa Field from 9/16-11/4.

The Saturday for Games will be 10/19 starting at 11 a.m. at Morton Park.

Toppa Field’s will be labeled as follows:

Field 1- Clay Field closest to Middleton Ave.

Field 2- Middle field on the grass

Field 3- Closest to Freebody Street

Morton Park Fields are labeled as follows:

Field 1- Big Tree and closest to the swing set

Field 2- By the Sand Volleyball Court

Field 3- Farthest out, by the big rock

Rules for Toppa Field: No Smoking and no dogs. There is a small playground where kids can play if they come to kickball.

Morton Park: Smoking and Dogs are allowed.

Please make sure we pick up all our trash at both parks/fields.

Logistics for Toppa Field: We will only be opening the gate on Middleton Ave, so please park there an plan accordingly.

At the pre-season meeting a few rules were changed. Substitute players from other teams are not allowed unless you would like to forfeit the game and take a loss. Teams can play shorthanded with a minimum of 6 players which includes 2 females. If you need to take a substitute player(s) from another team the game will only be played for “fun”.

Umpires, we will be sticking with the same format as last season, which is your team is required to supply to umps for the game either before or after yours at the exact same field number.

Last but not least for the playoffs we will have the same format as last season with the top 7 playing on the last night, with the team in 1st getting a bye to round two. There will also be 1 consolation game between the last two teams to battle it out for last place.