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Fall 2013 Season Winners!

Congrats to Something Inappropriate and to all the teams and players for a great 6th season of RI Kickball, we are excited for more awesome seasons to come!! Reminder we are invited to play with Providence Kickball’s Turkey Ball Event, November 30th at noon.

Results 8/26

8/26 5th Ward Force 8 vs Blue Balls 1 Something Inappropriate 3 vs Ball Busters 0 Swift Kick in the Grass 9 vs Ec Kicks 2 Kickled and Hammered 11 vs Balls Models 0 NVRSFT 1 vs 99 Problems 0 Royal Tenenballs 15 vs Distracted by Seagulls 0

6th Season Starting Details

This season we will be playing at Morton Park on 8/26 and 9/9 and at Toppa Field from 9/16-11/4. The Saturday for Games will be 10/19 starting at 11 a.m. at Morton Park. Toppa Field’s will be labeled as follows: Field 1- Clay Field closest to Middleton Ave. Field 2- Middle field on the grass […]

Results 4/1

4/1 Distracted by Seagulls 8 vs Planked and Tanked 4 Wet Bandits 6 vs Something Inappropriate 2 Royal Tenenballs 7 vs Balls Models 3 Kicker and Hammered 4 vs 5th Ward Force 3 Swift Kick in the Grass 12 vs NVRSFT 5 Ball Busters 15 vs Blue Balls 1

Results 3/25

Planked and Tanked 7 vs Blue Balls 3 Wet Bandits 5 vs Royal Tenenballs 4 Something Inappropriate 4 vs Balls Models 0 5th Ward Force 6 vs Distracted by Seagulls 4 Kickle and Hammered 7 vs Swift Kick in the Grass 4 NVRSFT 5 vs Ball Busters 1

Results from 3/18

Balls models 5 vs Wet bandits 4 Swift kick in the grass 5 vs Planked and tanked 2 Kickle and hammer 8 vs NVRSFT 2 Royal tenenballs 9 vs Distracted by seagulls 7 5th ward force 8 vs Blue balls 1 Something inappropriate 3 vs Ball busters 2

5th Season of RI Kickball is here! Spring 2013!

Hello Kickballers and Happy 2013! The fifth season of RI Kickball is upon us. Can you believe it? A few important details on dates etc below. For the most part things are going to stay the same moving into the 5th season. Season runs March 18 – May 20 Monday Nights Existing Teams have until […]

Fall 2012 Season Champs: Something Inappropriate

Champions: Something Inappropriate 2. Wet Bandits 3. NVRSFT 4. The Tickle Monsters 5. Distracted by Seagulls 6. Golden Boomers 7.  Ball Busters 8. Balls Models 9. 5th Ward Force 10. Kickelodeon 11. Swift Kick in the Grass