It’s PARTY Time!!

What’s the best part about kickball when being a grownup? THE PARTIES! That’s right, we’re almost half way through the season and it’s time for our first, exclusive RI Kickball Party. So let’s improve our socialization skills and join Bonnie, Bo, and Josh from teams Recreational Hazard and NVRSFT, who have ever so graciously volunteered to host our mid-season celebration!

Don’t miss out on the mid-season party this  Friday April 22nd.

Where is it? 26 1/2 Calvert Street, it’s off of Broadway (114) near the Dunkin’ Donuts. It’s the house on the inside corner at the top of the street. What time?

6:30pm to 10:00pm, we’ll want to make sure we’re out of there by then, in respect to our fellow neighbors. Upon departure, the adventurous and unwearied shall reconvene at the Fifth Element.

Now some of our friends have asked if they can bring something to contribute to the party. Please feel free to do so! But don’t feel obligated. RI Kickball will be providing a keg of beer and finger food.