Less than one Month to go!

Hi Kickballers!

First off lets all welcome our first new team to “officially register” Team Shred Fall Editition!

I have heard of two other NEW teams being assembled, but they have not officially registered!

So, that leaves two open spaces for new teams! Please help spread the word!

Also- please get your sponsors or your players to send in payments please.

Today was the deadline for shirt rosters and artwork. I know everyone is working hard, but please send in your information as soon as you can! That way I can start sending emails about DRINKING 🙂 !

But, seriously- the printer has to produce 12 teams worth of custom shirts…. so if you delay too long your shirts might not be ready in time for the first game.

P.S. Let us know how we can help!

P.S.S The first game is less than one month away!!