Monday 9-12 Words from the Commish

Hey All,

Hope everyone had a good labor day weekend and is well rested for some Kickball Action tomorrow night! I’ll keep this email short.

Schedule is on the website and for the rest of the season. If you have any questions you can ask me at the Mudville grill after league play because that ‘s where we all will reconvene for beverages, burgers, wings, and or dancing 😉

Umpires Umpires Umpires. Thank you to those who have umpired this season already, but I still feel that acquiring you all to umpire has been a little challenging. While I have a small group of elite umpires (2-3) that is not enough to cover all of the games. Especially when we need to have at least two umps per game. That said, we have a new umpiring policy. The team that has a double header obviously shouldn’t need to provide an umpire that night. Every other team needs to provide at least one umpire or be prepared to provide an umpire each night. If your team is playing the double header team and could provide two umpires, that would be AWESOME! Teams playing each other that night will umpire together, the game that is before or after theirs. I think this is a good plan and will help encourage comradery. Umpires should find me (Carson the commish) before games for briefing.

So Captains, if you’re not umpiring, find someone on your team who can.

See you tomorrow on the field and at Muddville!