T-MINUS A WEEK! Plus or minus a couple days. Not sure what that expression meant until now. Do you know what it means? TIME TO PLAY SOME FRIGGIN KICK BALL THAT’S WHAT! So yeah welcome back to all you kickballers from last season, pretty cool that we got eight out of the nine teams back. Let’s make sure we give all the newbs a warm welcome and give them a good trash talking, which shall only be in compliance of the rules of RIKickball of course. Aside from my poor effort of trying to amuse you all in this email, I have to go over some logistical crap too. I’ll try to be funny and serious at the same time.

First game starts when? 6:00pm Monday august, 22nd. Where? Morton Park, our old stomping grounds behind the Ash Mart in the Fifth Ward guy. Morton Ave. is resident sticker parking; Coggeshall Ave., at the top of the hill does not require a resident sticker to park. So keep that in mind even if you have a sticker because you might take a spot from someone who has lived here for the last six years and never went to the town hall to get his or her own parking pass (I’m definitely not talking about myself right now).

How’s all this gonna go down you’re asking? We have two rounds every Monday night. We’ve got eleven teams and three diamonds. Last spring we had a bye for one team each night because we had nine nights and nine teams so it worked out that way. This fall however, we got the nine nights of playing time again, (we aren’t playing on Labor Day) but with eleven teams! Whoa! Logistical nightmare I know! Not really. What that means is that each team will have at least one double header this season. If I did my math right, two teams will have two double headers this season. Not sure how that works but everybody is still playing everybody once. The teams with the most players will get the two double headers (if there’s a tie, then you can Rochambeau for it at the Rochambeau statue in King’s park JUST KIDDING DON’T DO THAT or at least don’t take that advice from me. And RIKickball doesn’t kick those types of balls anyway). This might mean that we won’t have a championship game this year, but we will burn that bridge when we get there.  Or cross it? Whatever. The rest of the season’s games will be held at Cardine’s Field, Friggin Gulls’ Stadium People! How cool is that!? Parking for this field is limited, but we struck a deal with the parking lot across the street. Where that shopping center is next to the fire department you know? Yeah that one, $2 per car. Just tell the guy you got the two-dollar kickball rate or something. I haven’t tried yet, but it probably only works on Monday nights.

So yeah back to Monday night. First round 6:00pm second round 6:45pm. I say 6:45 so that you all playing in the second round are on time. DON’T BE LATE! Someone will have a double header; make sure you know who you are. If you haven’t seen us in action before you might want to show up and watch the game before you play. Captains, listen up for a second! Please, please, please try to show up early on this most important first Monday of the season. Collect all of the waivers and payments from your team. This way less people are throwing things from all directions at my lovely colleague. No money, no kickball. No Waiver, ABSOFRIGGINLUTELY NO KICKBALL! When we’re done playing, we’ll head over to the other side of town and forget about what we just did by drinking at the Landing. You all know where that is right? Good.

Umm… the schedule. Yeah I did that for the entire season this time instead of every week, so now you can plan your trash talking and clear you plate for some humble pie served by yours truly and team Slim Kickens! The schedule will be included with this email or just on the website. I haven’t decided yet. While you’re at www.rikickball.org go check out the rules page and read them. Especially the Captains! The rules committee is meeting sometime later this week. If you’re interested in being a part of this let me know. That said, there may be some minor changes to the rules.

Remember that one rule saying that teams will volunteer umpires when they are not playing? I didn’t ask a lot of people last season but this time I will be. I have a handful of good umpires from last season, but we’re going to need a lot more this season. Captains, start thinking about people on your team, if it’s not you, who will make a good umpire. Typically someone who knows a bit about baseball makes a good umpire. I’m hoping for two umpires per game. Six games a night, that’s twelve, umpires per Monday night.

When are those t shirts going to be available? Not this Monday but definitely the next one. Try and wear a unifying element with your team for the first night. It would work best if we can hand out shirts to team captains who can then hand them out to their teammates.

Hmm … what else? DRINK BEER WITH ME AT THE LANDING AFTER KICKBALL THIS MONDAY!!! OH YEAH PARTIES! Aside from drinking after kickball where we find good deals at all the different bars because it’s a Monday night, we’ve also worked hard to raise your money and give it back to you with some killer parties. Like I said we’ve been working hard and to make RIKickball grow even more, we need more help. This is where we could use it. Anyone or multiple people want to be our party planner / committee? RIKickball needs you!

So that probably covers everything. I’m sure I forgot something and I’m getting tired of being creative. If I think of anything I might let you know but whatever, it’s just kickball! So let’s get out there and have some fun!

See you Monday!